WMGG Organization

The Western Michigan Gamers Guild (WMGG) is a registered student organization at Western Michigan University. WMU provides students with the means to create officially sanctioned student groups within the university's government and structure. The WMGG is one of these groups.

Because of this the WMGG is able to provide a variety of services for its members. Most visible are our weekly general meetings on campus. Every Friday evening during Fall and Spring semesters at 6:30pm in the Bernhard Center Cafe & Market dining area we meet and play all types of games.

In addition to being able to run meetings, being a registered student organization allows the WMGG to have an office in the Student Organization Center.   This allows us to conduct our normal business and house our huge library of gaming books and supplies.

The university also helps us finance our annual gaming convention: Marmalade Dog. Because we are officially part of the university we have access to many different facilities and sources of funding for both our convention and whatever other activities our membership may desire.

WMGG Constitution

Our constitution was last revised Spring 2018 and is available for download:

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