The Executive Board of the WMGG

The WMGG holds general elections at the end of each Spring semester to determine the leadership that will carry the organization into the next year. These individuals comprise the executive board ("e-board") and they work to see that meetings, conventions and other WMGG functions run smoothly throughout their one year tenure. In addition to this (and among many other things) the e-board is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the WMGG library and raising money for its growth.
  • Promoting the Guild and its activites to both the WMU student body and the rest of the world.
  • Ensuring that the Guild's finances are accurate, secure and available for whatever activities the Guild undertakes.
  • Keeping an archive of official WMGG publications, photographs and other memorabilia for reference and historical purposes.

These are the WMGG executive board members for the 2018-2019 school year:

President - Eric Buelken

Treasurer - Macy McBurney

Secretary - Liam Dammers

Coordinator - Alexis Carpenter

It is traditional that the e-board creates a variety of other positions. Those filling these positions may be elected by the board or by the general membership (at the board's discretion).

WMGG Business Meeting Minutes

Shortly before each general WMGG meeting the e-board meets to conduct Guild business. Status reports are given, agenda items are checked off, ideas are put forth, arguments are presented, votes are taken, tasks are assigned and all manner of other administrivia is dealt with.

What is not commonly known is that these meetings are open to all WMGG members. In an effort to show our membership what goes on at these meetings (and to hopefully encourage attendance -- particularly by members who might be interested in taking positions on the e-board in the future) the executive board has decided to begin publishing minutes from these meetings. Many of the following links will open in a new window.

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