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The Guild Links

You have made your way to Traveler's Gate -- the Guild's home for links to other gaming-related sites on the internet. The WMGG exists to promote gaming in Southwest Michigan and (as with the rest of the site) our links page reflects this. The "Kalamazoo Gaming" link on the navigation bar will show you links to web sites specific to the Kalamazoo area while "Michigan Gaming" covers the rest of the state. For a selection of non-regional sites that the WMGG E-Board and membership have found useful, check out those links respectively.

There are already many sites that have collected vast numbers of links to anything and everything you might want in the way of gaming information. Rather than duplicate these fine efforts, we have deep-linked into the Open Directory Project. Anything you can't find there can be found through the correct use of a good search engine such as Google.

If there is a site that you would like to see included in the WMGG Links, please email the webmaster. Guild members wishing to submit links for the "Member Selected" section will need to include their real name and current WMGG membership renewal date. All links should be gaming-related and informative, however the E-Board reserves the right to reject submissions for any reason.

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