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The Guild Library

Welcome to the Western Michigan Gamers Guild library. The WMGG Library currently comprises over 1,000 role-playing game books, source-book supplements, novels, comic books and other resources. Please feel free to browse around, view our online card catalog, or get check out information.

Books in the Library

The WMGG library has a wide variety of books available. We have AD&D, Star Wars RPG, World of Darkness, Palladium, Torg and even the original Ghostbusters RPG! Additionally we have novels from names like Margret Weiss, Terry Brooks, R.A Salvadore and many others in the fantasy and sci-fi novel genre. Hungry for some Warhammer action? How about 20 different issues of White Dwarf? To see a complete list of books available for check out, click on the link to our on-line card catalog listing in the navigation bar.

Donating to the Library

The Guild Library is primarily composed of materials donated by WMGG members, however we accept donations from anybody! If you have any materials that you would like to donate please e-mail our Librarian (see the "Contact Us" link on the the navigation bar to your left). Generally speaking we will accept any donations. In the past people have contributed RPGs, board games, CCG cards, non-collectible card games, miniatures, terrain for miniature wargames, novels, comic books, strategy guides -- you get the picture.

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