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AccessDenied.Net Gamer Database

Rather than re-inventing the wheel by creating our own game locator service, the WMGG has decided to promote the use of the excellent database at AccessDenied.Net. This database contains over 10,000 gamers and allows searches on such criteria as skill and day/time availability. We suggest you check out the other services offered at this fine web site.

Using the database is easy: To quickly search for gamers in Kalamazoo only simply click one of the links under the game type sections to the right.

To search for a game not listed on the side bar, a specific variant or edition of one of these games, gamers located outside of Kalamazoo (Tip: Try such exotic locales as "Portage") and/or if you just want a more detailed search, click on "Search Database" at the top on the right.

Finally, don't forget to register yourself in the database with the "Enter Your Profile" link!

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