WMGG Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at the WMGG's weekly general meetings?

General meetings are held at 6:30pm every Friday that WMU is in session during the Fall and Spring semesters in the Bernhard Center Cafe & Market dining area. At the start of each general meeting the WMGG President announces any Guild business that demands the attention of the general membership. When this is concluded the President encourages anyone who is running a game to announce it. Players then retire to the games that interest them.

What happens during the WMGG's weekly business meetings?

Business meetings begin one hour before the general meetings in the Bernhard Center Cafe & Market dining area. This is when the executive board (e-board) of the WMGG and any interested WMGG members meet to plan and organize. This meeting includes a status report from each member of the e-board. New ideas, input and volunteers are solicited. All WMGG members are welcome to attend the business meeting (particularly those who may be interested in becoming e-board members).

What games are played at the weekly general meetings?

Whatever those present want to play. We play RPG, CCG, board games, card games, miniature games and more. If you want to play it, there are probably people here that would like to play it too. The actual decision of what games are run is arrived at informally. If no one is hosting the game you are looking for then it is up to you to host it and browbeat somebody into playing. We rely on you to keep the gaming available.

Can the WMGG provide feedback on a game I have created?

Almost certainly. WMGG members have playtested games in the past. If you want us to connect you with an interested group of members please contact the WMGG President. To solicit playtesting yourself or to get feedback of a more public nature you are welcome to attend our weekly general meetings. You'll find we have a lot of interested gamers who are willing to offer honest opinions.

Do I have to be a WMU student to join?

Absolutely not. While WSA regulations state that officers and voting members must be enrolled at WMU, membership (and the benefits it provides) is open to all gamers.

What is Marmalade Dog?

Every Spring semester the WMGG hosts a gaming convention which draws from around the region. This convention is named for the guild's mascot. Past guests at Marmalade Dog have included Margaret Weiss, Greg Costikyan, Jeff Easley and Tom Wham. Marmalade Dog is the most venerable convention in southwest Michigan; As a result attendance has been known to reach over 300.

Where can I find more information?

If you have a question not answered on this web site the WMGG executive board can be reached via telephone, email, postal mail or in person. See the "Contact Us" page for details.

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