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Check Out Policy

Checking out materials from The WMGG library is free and open to any WMGG member in good standing.

Lending Period

  • Materials may be checked out as of the second week of each semester and must be returned two weeks before the end of that semester.

  • Loaned materials must be renewed every two weeks.

  • If another member is on a waiting list for an item, it must be returned on its due date and cannot be renewed.

Check out Instructions

  • Visit the WMGG office during the hours of operation. See the "Contact Us" link on the toolbar to your left for details..

  • Present your WMGG membership card and a photo ID (drivers license, etc.) to the e-board member staffing the office. Your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number will be required in order to check out any materials.

  • No more than three materials may be checked out per member at any one time.

  • Return all materials on time and in the same condition they were borrowed.

Overdue Policies

  • Materials are considered overdue when they are not renewed or returned in accordance with the "Lending Period" policies at the top of this page.

  • Members with overdue materials will be notified.

  • All WMGG membership privileges including access to further materials from the library will be suspended until overdue materials are returned.

  • Any materials not returned one semester after their original due date will be considered stolen and appropriate action will be taken.

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